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First-person action game with parkour elements where instead of guns you use transmutation telekinesis to turn walls into projectiles to fight funky aliens.


You have to kill all the enemies to clear a way through levels and fight the final boss.

- Pull Projectile from Walls - Hold Left Mouse Button 

- Shoot Projectile - Release Left Mouse Button

- Push Enemies or Cylinder Traps - Right Mouse Button

Push costs 50 energy you get 50 energy from Projectile Pull and some from Wall-Running

- Movement - WASD

- Wall-Run horizontally and up - look in the direction

- Left Shift - Dash

- Q - Grapple


Aliens from another dimension are forming a portal-structure to our dimension and want to conquer it.

You take the role of one of the aliens, the so-called Squidit. He is a defector that humans managed to recruit.

Squidit needs to run through portal-structure levels to reach and stop the final boss, while evil aliens are facing you with various challenges.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsKeldran26, tigerija
TagsFast-Paced, First-Person, Unreal Engine


PixelRunner.zip 373 MB

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Very cool concept! Enjoyed moving around in the environment and killin those bots. Th music compliments the gameplay nicely as well.

Y'all imma try share the game with my Discord friends bc uHmMm y e a h

Hy. I tried to rate your game. It didn't work. I will try later.

Sorry to hear that, what system are you using? Windows 64-bit?

Great job, enjoyed playing Pixel Runner. Love the colors and the overall design. The music does a great job of pumping you up. 

Thanks for playing!